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This is my internet art site which is looking for the future and inspiring people to make things for a better life in a present world.

You can find all the projects I'm channeling out from these sites.
Please support any of these projects, if you think that they are or can help us each others.

If you came up any idea you would like to work with, or share something with any of these projects, feel free to contact foundation@peterlove.fi

Remember to listen the radio ↗ while visiting the sites. I hope you can find some new inspiration here.

"This is a foundation which is supporting projects,
but this foundation doesn't have any money to support the projects."

"They day turns into a night and night into a day"

The world is full of paradoxes. Enjoy your time!

- Peter Love

PTSD Token

Wen your life is shitted, its hard to get people to trust to you in a way of actual lending some money.

In my darkest years I was hoping that there would be an way to get actual money when something really shit that you couldn't prevent has happened to you.

Like narcisstic parent who steals your money, abuse, manipuation etc..

Also some traumas takes some time to heal, so this Token is meant for those who have suffered shit and can't yet get their life together.

Especially people suffering with #PTSD could use this coin as supporting each others.

Visit website:

@PTSDToken on Twitter

Psychedelic Mental Care Center

Peter Love's psychedelic research center will open it's doors, when I have enough money and the laws allow me to do.
It is going to be a place near nature, where you can come to meet yourself and face your problems.

- Coming when people allow people to help others -

♪ Indie Demo Radio ♫

Nowadays so many new songs are coming out daily, so Indie Demo Radio is another way to listen and find different artists than on mainstream radios.

I enjoy listening demos and new songs. I'm making playlists from the songs people send, trying to get some exposure for the artist.

You can send your songs or show ideas to:

Visit website:


✝ Peter Love Wooden Jewelry ☩

I started making wooden jewelry when I found my old silver cross necklace, because I joined back into church for being a "godfather", so I wanted to make something more warmer to wear.

I went into handcraft store to buy wooden rime and I started making wooden crosses. Soon I thought that it would be nice to name them 'Wooden Guards' and kept going on. In less than year, own jewely collection popped into my mind. Then it was too scary and hard to sell jewelry because of the competition so I got tired. (Sorry Phil for vanishing, I try to make it again!)

I think that these jewelries started all this strange route of my life.

Visit website:
Ethereum (ETH) Wallet for Donations: 0x18b43dD148F4f1621778eb1129DfDa2710aA165F
BitCoin (BTC) Wallet address for Donations: 1PPdyJkosqa5AAzZvS4bT27u83yaFZipiq

If donating, I can send some PTSD Tokens back to you. Thank you.